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Randy George started in national mail-order in 1994 after graduating from Fresno State, and over the course of five years created the largest Celtic mail order company in the nation, Gael Force Imports. In 2001 he transitioned into doing marketing, branding and web design for other businesses. Randy currently has a leading business development role with Bixly, a top Python/Django web development company. As GLC’s Creative Director, he assists clients with web and marketing strategies and ensures every project is on point.

He spends his free time at the beach or hiking in the Sierra Nevada’s with his wife and kids, as well as teaching Aikijujutsu and Japanese sword arts.

Location: Fresno, CA


Jordan Martirosian is a front-end designer known for his “get ‘er done” attitude inherited from managing a family business for many years. You’ll typically find him working on websites until the wee hours of the morning in Photoshop, Illustrator, or WordPress. In addition to having “the time of his life” doing what he loves, he gets to spend plenty of movie time with his wife and kids. His hobbies include small video projects and training in traditional Japanese martial arts.

Location: Fresno, CA


Ray Bueno is Goldleaf’s head logo design guru and photographer. He is usually the one behind the scenes who will set your branding in motion. Like Randy, Ray is a fanatic for anything Japanese (we dread the day he buys a one-way ticket!) who can’t (or won’t) work when an anime is playing. He is also a died-in-the-wool Subaru fanatic.

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Shawn Hooghkirk is designer and front-end developer. You could say Shawn’s a sucker for details. Most of the time you can find him adding a new coat of paint to a design or pushing around some pixels. His design arsenal includes Illustrator & Photoshop, while his tools of choice for development include Sublime Text, SASS/Compass and WordPress. On his free time he enjoys the outdoors with his wife and occasionally (more like daily) belting out Freefalling while playing his acoustic guitar.

Location: Ridgefield, WA

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