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Attaching Money to Gmail

Google new feature for Gmail looks like it will prove very useful: you can now attach money to an email!

Yes! We’re all used to emailing pictures, PowerPoint presentations, word documents, links, etc. but now we can attach money and in a simple way.
When you have this feature enabled, you’ll see a new button (Money – $) appear when you hover the paperclip for an attachment when composing a Gmail.

To send money you will need to set up a free Google Wallet account and establish the source of the money (bank account, a credit or debit card, or your Google Wallet balance). It will be free if sending from your bank account or Wallet balance. If sending from your credit or debit card, the sender will pay a fee of 2.9% of the amount sent, minimum $0.30.

To receive, you don’t need a Gmail account but will need a Google Wallet account attached to the same email address the money has been sent to. The money sent will be deposited to your Wallet balance and from there you can transfer it to your bank account. You can also use it wherever Google Wallet is accepted.

At this time this is “by invitation only” but anyone with this feature enabled can send you money and it will enable the featurefor you.

Now, be sure to share this with your friends in your Facebook and your Twitter account using the buttons provided.

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